Al Wahah Metalic Const Parts Co LLC

Specialized in Structural Steel Fabrication

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Al Wahah Metalic Const Parts Co LLC, has been founded in the year 2004 in the emirate of Sharjah and expanded since then having branch offices in Dubai, RAK and India.

We started of working as a fabrication company and over the period of time we have grown into a full fledged company who can execute a project from the design phase to commissioning of the project.

Currently the company is branching out to make the business more efficient in order to improve the quality and reducing the complexity of projects.

Our company focuses on fabrication of all types stainless steel and mild steel structures along with machining of components for any possible structures and equipment’s.

With the support of our sister concerns along with our highly qualified engineers and skilled employees we are able to tackle any complex projects and execute it on time without compromising on the quality.