Our Services

Al Wahah specializes in high quality metal works including fabrication, supply and installation of metal parts for buildings which includes boilers, water and liquid storage tanks, chimneys and silos as well as other needed for constructional projects. We also deal with installation of non-structural metal parts in buildings, constructing metal towers and lay metal pipelines. We also undertakes manufacturing and installing special features/products for commercial & residential buildings in stainless steel, aluminium, mild steel, wrought iron & non ferrous materials namely skylights, space frames, handrails, balustrades, staircases, railings, cat ladders, gates, display stands, glazed windows, doors, metal flooring, sun shades, canopy, louvers and a range of piping complying fully with project requirements.

Project Management

The main aim of Neustahl is to make sure that all projects are completed on time and to the required standards, to the satisfaction of the customers. To meet these values, the following is adopted as a standard practice for all projects undertaken.

  1. Project Procedures Manual
    This manual consists of applicable procedures for the project along with a document preparation and list.
  2. Facilities
    A detailed description of the facilities, which are to be supplied along with the requirements and standards, those are to be followed.
  3. Reporting
    The status and progress of design, procurement, material, delivery, fabrication and erection are continuously reported on a daily/weekly/monthly basis.
    Required analysis is done with the help of bar chart and network analysis reports depending upon the nature of work for overall progress and day-to-day work, planning, man power histograms, etc.
  4. Control and Co-ordination
    Provision of overall control and co-ordination of all activities related to the execution of project. 
  5. Monitoring
    Project schedule, project costs and physical progress of individual activities are monitored on a regular basis to ensure timely corrective measures where required. Continuous improvement is encouraged at all levels.

Design and Engineering

Neustahl provides excellent support services for fabrication by developing the clients requirement using CAD/CAM. We prepare shop drawings in co-ordination with the project consultant/engineer and ensure clients requirements are fully satisfied. Our design development efforts are well recognized by our prestigious clients and their project teams.

Supplementary additional work orders we continue to receive during the course of and soon after various projects bears testimony to our exalted performance, proactive approach and high level of dependability and reliability. Our continuous growth since inception vouches for our credibility with the existing clientele who continue to place their utmost trust and belief in our workmanship, compliance to quality, adoption of best engineering practices and adherence to delivery commitments

Specialized Areas

Structural Steel Work

Neustahl provides services for fabrication and installation of structural steel works for

  • High-rise building structures
  • Storage tanks and pressure vessels
  • Warehouses
  • Pipe supports
  • Industrial buildings
  • Silos & Batching plant equipments
  • Platforms, walkways, staircases and ladders
  • Crane and material handling equipments 

Tanks & Vessels

We provide services for the fabrication and installation of medium size vertical and horizontal tanks especially for the storage of diesel, chemicals and water. We fabricate both cylindrical and rectangular tanks as per international standards such as API 650.

Pipe work

We also provide services for fabrication and erection of all types of pipe work as per international codes in carbon steel, stainless steel, cast iron, galvanized steel, alloy steel, cement lined pipe work, copper and bronze. Process and utility piping for oil industry, power plants, desalination plants, petrochemical plants, chilled water, cement factories, domestic water, fire water, etc.

The following standards and codes are used for pipe works:

  • ASME Section IX, API 1104
  • ANSI B31.3/B31.1
  • ANSI B31.4/B31.8
  • BS 3351

Metal Forming

We offer pre-fabrication operations like bending and forming of steel sections. We have machines of different capacity for these purposes. The process includes cold bending by use of mechanical dies with positive movement and continuous pressure application.

  • Pipe Bending
  • Beam Bending
  • Sections of various sizes C Channel, Box section etc.
  • Cambering 

Surface Cleaning and Painting

Neustahl provides facilities for the execution of surface cleaning and protective coating. We adopt air-assisted grit blasting process, environment compatible and enamel/epoxy coating.

We also offer airless and air assisted spray system for the application of paint material. Continuous monitoring is employed with the painting process to ensure the best quality at all times. The painting and cleaning job commences only after a formal clearance from our Quality Control department.

Site Erection

We have our own transporting division for the prompt delivery of material to site. Storage and material handling will be done in consultation with the client and we are committed to follow site safety rules and regulations.

Experienced rigger team under the site foreman will undertake the responsibility for the above task.

Marine Works

We also provide services for fabrication and Installation of Marine works like

  • Stainless steel Handrails
  • Stainless steel Window frame
  • Stainless steel port Holes
  • Radar standAnchor (both Stainless Steel & Mild Steel)
  • Cleats
  • After & Forward Masts
  • Moring Fittings
  • All other marine related Steel works

Tensile Structures

The fabric structure eliminates many design and construction constraints encountered with traditional building methods. From fabric structures to modular designs and more complex products, we can turn out any shape, outline or size you want.

Our expertise points us at the vanguard of tensile fabric architectural development and we will be delighted to advise you whether you plan to improve new or existing buildings with fabric cladding, to make over public spaces through creating a light, modern atmosphere or have any other requirement.

We offer a full service to our clients from initial design concepts through to installation. We prefer to tailor our offer to your individual needs, whether you are an architect, engineer, builder or building owner. We provide a scope to ensure the successful execution of your project.

Custom fitting design can be undertaken to ensure a perfect fit and structural analysis provided when necessary. We can work alongside your consultants or take on the whole scope of the project through to delivery. We provide assistance from the beginning of your project and can provide tensile concepts and advice on system selection.

We propose a pure demonstration of the significance of quality engineering because every component is both functional and highly visible. Tensile membranes under tension need careful engineering to look good, perform well and to survive years of use.

Our in-house design team incorporates a strong engineering element, with all our designers having engineering experience or awareness. This makes the company a productive contributor in this industry.